The Importance of Self Care

For centuries, black and brown women have denied themselves self-care.

They often times take care of everyone/everything else, most times leaving very little room to tend to their own needs. Women of color have practiced, self sacrificing, since the beginning of time. Some common phrases today (that are a constant reminder):


“No time to cry, push yourself”

“You aren’t that depressed, get over it”

“Don’t be weak”

“Don’t act like a b****, are you on your period”?

I’m sure you can possibly come up with more phrases that push to contain the thoughts that overwhelm our everyday interactions. I mean, If you don’t take care of YOU, how can you extend yourself to others in a positive manner? Allowing time to re-center, taking a breath or partaking in a special activity can serve as vital self care treatment. Learning to be a little selfish sometimes can be beneficial. Don’t feel guilty putting yourself first!!

What are some HEALTHY ways to self-care?

Read/Write in a journal

Cut out toxic things : Behavior/ Love Interests/People/ Food

Take on a new healthy habit


Visit a museum




Help the list keep going by sharing comments below!!! Thank you for reading :)

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